Blue Badge Concessions

The following concessions are open to blue badge holders: If you are driving into the London Congestion zone during charging hours and have a Blue Badge, you can apply for exemption at a cost of £10 which includes renewals. You can register up to 2 vehicles. If any Carer with a Disabled person or Disabled person are going to see a show or event they do not have to worry about trying to find a newsagent to pay the congestion charge. The Badge Holder must be present. Visit the Congestion Charge website at or phone the helpline on 0845 9001234 (Mimicom 020 7649 9123). Also you can apply for exemption from the M6 Toll Road charges. Those in receipt of higher rate mobility of DLA and those exempt from vehicle excise duty can apply to Midland Expressway Limited. The pass is valid for 3 years and an admin charge of £15 applies which includes change of vehicle and renewals. Contact the Customer Account Team on 0870 8506262. E-mail: [email protected] Web Note: this only covers the M6 Toll road not others and the Badge Holder must be present. There are other Toll Road/Bridge exemptions in the Blue Badge book. For full information about Blue badges Click Here