Patient Representative Group

Get involved with our practice.

There is a very active Patient Representative Group at Blackwood Health Centre, led by Jenny Haswell, our chair. The group has been responsible for raising funds for new electronic couches, weighing scales and other equipment for the surgery, sat in on recruitment interviews for staff and represents the Streetly area strongly in local health forums.

The practice welcomes patient and community involvement at the health centre. The PRG would welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have to improve their ability to represent your views in the surgery and elsewhere. The PRG also has a “Virual Group” that is available to PRG members who are unable to attend the PRG meeting. The virtual group emails information to it’s members and members can contact the PRG by email with topics for discussion at the meeting and to ask questions from the Chair of the PRG. You can just turn up to meetings (see dates below) and/or join the virtual group. If you would like to joint the virtual group click here or use the form below. A selection of documents produced by the PRG can be seen at the bottom of this page. Nationally, PRGs and PPGs have been around for nearly 40 years. Each PRG and PPG is different and able to decide for itself how it wants to work. Across the country, they are involved in improving communication, sharing health messages and supporting other patients. To learn more, visit the website of the National Association for Patient Participation by Clicking Here

If you would like to join Blackwood PRG, please contact the PRG Chair :- Mrs Jenny Haswell Tel: 0121 353 5681 Or please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Dates of Patient Representative Group meetings

These meetings are held in waiting room at Blackwood Health Centre between 1-2pm, and occur approximately once every two months.

Details of upcoming meetings can be obtained from the surgery reception and PRG noticeboard.

Blackwood Patients Virtual Group

If you would like to join the Blackwood Patients Representative Group, but cannot get to the meeting, why not join the Blackwood Patients Virtual Group. By joining the group you can express your views on the services offered by the practice and the way they are provided by email. We will also provide you with copies of the Representative Group’s meeting agendas, so you can comments on the topics to be raised and receive copies of the meeting minutes. When the group conducts any surveys we will email copies to you, so you can join in and give us your views on the topics raised in the survey. Following the completion of the surveys a copy of the report will be emailed to you along with any proposed actions by the group or the practice.

If you would like to join you can contact us using the form below or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively download the application form below and when it is completed hand it in at reception or posted into the “Prescription Post Box” in the practice hallway. The form can be supplies in other format if you cannot open a Microsoft Word document. We will then add you to our Virtual Group membership list. Any time you decide you do not want to be a member just email us again and we will remove you from the list. We need your input if we are to act effectively as the patients representatives at the practice, so please join the virtual group. Through our group you can effect the decisions of the Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who decide what services will be provided on the NHS in the Walsall area.

PRG Virtual Group Application Form V2.0